Book of Abstracts for the 2nd PalaeoArc Conference is available here.


  • Guidelines for oral presentation:

Oral presentations will be presented mainly live or pre-recorded. Talk slots are 12 minutes long with ~3 minutes allocated for questions. The session convenors will allow speakers to share their screen according to the time schedule. There will be facilities within the Goolge Meet virtual room to ask questions in the chat.


  • Guidelines for poster presentation:

We encourage all poster presenters to send us your poster and your presentation as soon as they are ready and at the latest by Monday, 24th May. Each poster presenter will have the opportunity to speak for 3 minutes introducing their poster in the main Google Meet room. The .pdf/.jpg poster will be upload (we will take care of the upload of your poster) in the Mighty Network platform. Each poster will have a textual Q&A chat box that will be available during the whole duration of the conference.